The Power of Local Broadcast News
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After a year like no other, local broadcast news continues to provide a critical resource in disseminating important information to the public. In this environment we asked people across the country to talk about the role their local TV news has had on their lives.

At Katz Media, we’ve embarked on a continuous study of the relationship between local broadcast news operations and the communities they serve. Utilizing our proprietary Our Media panel of 2000 local media consumers, Katz surveyed local TV news viewers to learn more about the role local TV news plays in their lives. In this report, we share the findings of our latest survey, as well as trend-able findings from previous years. 

  • What news do they stay current on?
  • How do they feel about their local newscasts?
  • Did their local stations handle COVID information in an accurate and timely manner?
  • Do they trust the information provided?
  • What improvements would they make?




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