Why you May be Missing Your Best Customers!

By Lisa Cirigliano | Director | Station Solutions

Radio Longevity EconomyMarketers are missing out on ‘the most valuable generation in the history of marketing’ who are currently worth about $8 trillion in the U.S. alone and comprise the third largest economy after the U.S. and China. 

Adults over 55 are one of the fastest growing marketing segments in the U.S. representing active consumers with the largest share of wealth.  With improved health care and more years of productivity, older citizens are reinforcing their roles in society, embarking on second careers, spending more money and producing economic value.  So why is it that this viable consumer group is undervalued and near-forgotten when media campaigns are planned?  The 55+ and 65+ population spending-power contributes significantly to the US economy.  Need some proof?  Check out our infographic and presentation for key data points, like:

  • Latest net worth statistics
  • Insights from Katz Media Group's proprietary consumer panel
  • Changing consumption patterns of older adults


Get Smart About this Valuable Consumer Segment