Loyal, Personal and Influential

8 out of 10 people agree that the human voice can establish a personal connection like nothing else can. 

Local Radio Personality Report ImagesAt Katz Media, we’ve embarked on a continuous study of the relationship between local broadcast stations and the communities they serve.   In this report, we share the findings of our latest survey about the power of local Radio personalities.  Utilizing our proprietary Our Media panel of 2000 local media consumers, Katz surveyed local radio listeners about their relationship with the men and women who are welcomed into their personal living spaces every day.

The findings are both enlightening and affirming from the years of listening loyalty to the deep level of personal knowledge we have about the local DJs who are our constant companions throughout the day.


  • The depth of Radio loyalty 
  • How fans define their connection to local radio personalities
  • How DJs are influencing consumers to action