The Power of LIVE Scores Again with Classic Sitcoms

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With the success of Norman Lear’s LIVE IN FRONT OF A STUDIO AUDIENCE:  ALL IN THE FAMILY & THE JEFFERSONS broadcast (see performance breakouts below), the networks may be gathering titles for future development in this category. ABC has already announced they may be turning LIVE IN FRONT OF A STUDIO AUDIENCE into a franchise series of events.  

Katz Media polled its OUR MEDIA TV fans on the subject and found that 82% (8 in 10 viewers) of those that watched the event would like to see more like this one.  In an open-ended query, M*A*S*H topped our TV viewers' lists for classic series that they'd like to see “re-staged.”

Highlights of the Katz Television Group analysis include:

-  Specific analytics for ALL IN THE FAMILY & THE JEFFERSONS for the night it aired along with  comparisons to other LIVE events and ABC averages among P2+ impressions. 

-  Where this event stands with Katz's Power of LIVE 2018-19 Ranking.

-  More depth from our Katz TV Study on how viewers accepted the re-staging of these classic sitcoms and if there is an appetite for more




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