The NATPE 2021 Preview

Lisa Hollaender | VP, Director of Content Strategy | Katz Television Group

The year 2020 has been unprecedented and yet we endure, find solutions and move forward. With that said, another NATPE is upon us, albeit a virtual one, and the cycle continues. This year we present to you a more "condensed" version of Katz Television's annual NATPE Preview in an interactive format. The visual presentation showcases the profiles of possible new syndicated programs available for Fall 2021. KTG’s Content Strategy strives to be insightful of the challenges of producing and airing successful content in an ever-changing marketplace. We try and keep our client stations as informed as possible on the performance of broadcast syndication and of potential programming opportunities for local line-ups and stations’ future strategies. Take a look...



In order to ENLARGE this interactive NATPE 2021 Preview, click on the three buttons at the bottom right of the presentation and there will be an icon to expand to full screen.

Keep in mind the information contained in this Preview is always subject to change. 

Here’s to a successful virtual NATPE and an even more successful year!

Be well and continue to stay safe. Stay tuned...