Is Your Media Campaign Targeting Hispanic Millennials?

By Lisa Chiljean

With so many Hispanics capable of speaking English it is tempting for marketers to believe that they can reach the Hispanic marketplace with English language media.  This is true…up to a point.  You can REACH Hispanics on English language media, but to KRG Marketing to Hispanic Millennials ReportSPEAK to them, you need Spanish language media.  It is not nearly as cut and dried as saying that because Hispanics speak English, they can be reached using the same English language media that is used to deliver the rest of the market.

Our latest Insight takes a deeper dive into the media choices Hispanics make and why:

  • For Hispanics, speaking Spanish is not a necessity, but a cultural connection.
  • Music is one of the key connections to the Hispanic lifestyle and culture and Radio is the #1 source for music listening among Hispanics.
  • Hispanic millennials actively seek out and consume media in Spanish.
  • Hispanics are more engaged with Spanish language radio than English language radio as evidenced by higher time spent and share of audience.
  • When using Spanish language media, Spanish language ads have been shown to perform better than English language ads.