Broadcast Still Delivering Outstanding Content - Despite Lack of Emmy Love

2019 Emmy Nominated Series Chart

This year, the Television Academy nominated 15 shows for Emmy’s two most coveted categories, Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Comedy. These nominees have won high praise among industry insiders, but has anyone else seen or heard of them? This is a valid question, since five nominees are found in relatively newer places like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile, only two of the nominees are from Broadcast TV – a recurring pattern in recent years.

In this new study, Katz Television Group polled Americans to measure the awareness and viewership of Emmy nominated series. Katz also gave people the opportunity to nominate what they perceive to be the “best” shows.

The votes are in:

Most Emmy nominated TV series are not being watched by the public. In fact, the majority of Americans are not even aware many nominated shows exist, particularly those from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This includes series such as Fleabag and Russian Doll.

Broadcast TV is the exception. Both nominated shows (This Is Us and The Good Place) exhibit relatively high viewership and awareness levels compared to their Cable and Streaming peers

According to the American public, more Broadcast shows are Emmy worthy. The best shows are more likely to be found on Broadcast TV. Top of the list: This Is Us and Big Bang Theory.



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